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ESIL - Early Stage Investing Launchpad

A pan-european community to develop awareness-raising and capacity-building for business angels and other early-stage investors.
Brussel, Belgium
469 members
Last update September 28, 2022

Community description

Improve angel investment market, stimulate cross border investment opportunities, find new deals, connect the most relevant networks and build a tailored training program for local ecosystems are amongst the missions of ESIL, promoted by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

If you are a business angel, early stage investor, part of a crowdfunding network, an incubator and accelerator or an entrepreneur looking to invest internationally, grow your opportunities of co-investing, access exclusive benchmarks and more, you have reached the right place!


Ask to join the community and interact with other individual investors, BAs, crowdfunding platforms, early stage VCs and highly innovative companies.


More information on ESIL:

Support services

The ESIL community members will access a full range of exclusive value-added services including:

  • Open days in different countries to facilitate collaboration, relationships with policy makers and syndication,
  • Webinars, reverse pitches and online conferences dedicated to experience sharing between BAs.
  • Epitches to increase cross-border investments,
  • Trainings in a digital academy based on market development stages and level of angel readiness.

Linked certifications

ESIL - Local leaders
This label recognises selected organizations which represent ESIL in their country and develop the seed investment ecosystem
17 members